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Truth, Justice & the Multi-Channel Way

Let’s face it, Social Media has really changed the way we Market ourselves over the past 10 years. For many businesses, budgets have been reduced due to Social Media providing a cost effective alternative.

Focusing on just one Marketing tool can prove a risky exercise. Are you prepared if Social Media crashed tomorrow?. But when you have the assistance of a cohesive multi-channel strategy this ensures that your eggs aren’t all in one basket. That you are using Social Media as the marketing tool it is and not for your entire Marketing or Business strategy.

And whilst Social Media is a great marketing tool to use, it’s important to remember, it isn’t the only tool to use when it comes to promoting your business.

A Multi-channel strategy is exactly what is says it is. It’s a number of different channels which all work to relay your businesses message through a number of different tools or channels.

Think of it as your multi-channel strategy is the Justice League – where by 6 superheroes work together to help convey your message of good.


He is the one that fights for promotion, justice and the Silicon Valley way. He is the main hero, the one that everyone dotes on to save the day. But if he’s struck down with kryptonite (that is the shutting down of a platform or a glitch in the system), it could spell disaster for your Business.

Your Social Media should work with the other heroes to reach your target audience where they like to hang out and should be directing your audience to other tools that will help your business further.  In this case let’s look at the digital elements to your multi-channel strategy.


Created by technology, he goes on the offensive when it comes to promoting your business. Your website does the same thing, in that it showcases your business’ message whilst describing and highlight your services or products.  The website should give potential customers the opportunity to join your mailing list, allowing you to build a database away from Social Media. Whilst this can be used with Social Media (for advertising purposes), it’s important to build a database separately so that you can continue to relay your messaging to your now interested and loyal followers.


To ensure that your website is seen, a good SEO or Google ranking is important. This brings us to our next hero, Aquaman. Just like Aquaman and Cyborg didn’t get along at first, a website without strong SEO or a decent Google ranking will also have a rough relationship.  The world wide web is a “sea” of marketing messages and websites, so it’s important that your SEO strategy works to boost your website so it can be easily found and seen by your ideal customers.


Whilst Cyborg and Aquaman (along with Superman) can work cohesively, the loner of the group is none other than Batman. Batman is your offline marketing that works nicely on his own, sharing your message through traditional forms of media such as TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Posters and so on.  For those that might not pay too much attention to online, or choose to leave the online at work, this is a great way to capture your market in high volumes but just like Batman it’s got a bit of money behind it.


Another type of marketing tool to consider for your business that can work well is Experiential Marketing. This is The Flash – it’s the one-off event based campaign that helps to build awareness and revenue, targeting a specific market at a specific location. Think along the lines of a beverage tent at Coachella, a pop up showcasing a limited edition product or even a launch. It’s here one week to build the brand awareness but in a flash of a lightning bolt it’s gone the next.


And finally Wonder Woman is the hardest, yet most effective form of marketing tool. She is the trusted source by many, she is your Word of Mouth. Whilst this multi-channel is one that can prove a little difficult to use in your Strategy at first, it can also be one of the most powerful. People are looking for businesses they can trust and what better way to be trusted then by great reviews and recommendations from the customers and followers that can rope (pun intended) in new customers to build a relationship with.

All of these heroes (tools) work well on their own (with the exception in this case of Aquaman) but they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. So when they are “all in” just think of the strong and cohesive marketing strategy that is working together for the good of your business – battling the millions of messages in the world in an effort to ensure you are seen and heard by your dream audience.

Without a doubt, Social Media is still one of the most powerful tools. Isn’t it time you summoned the league to truly make the most of your business’ promotion?

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6 reasons why your business should be using GIFS in its marketing.

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Are you a business owner who has heard the phrase “GIFS” but more than likely rolled your eyes discounting it as another fad?

Whilst for many the phrase might just sound like something millennials use, the four-letter word with the confusing pronunciation can prove extremely beneficial to your brand’s presence on Social Media and in your Marketing if used correctly.

What are GIFS?

GIFS (pronounced Jifs) are an animated image file. This means that images created to form a short moving picture and used online through emails, website or on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and (more recently) Instagram Stories.

See example below:


Why Should I Use Them?

There are many benefits that arise from using GIFS for your business promotion.

1) It’s all about the Motion.

First and foremost, we as humans are attracted by motion. It’s part of our programming. It’s one of the reasons why video marketing is proving so popular with marketers and brands. However, when we need things in a smaller format then a GIF might be just what we need to share our message and still meet our objectives effectively.

2) Going Viral.

If used correctly it is a powerful tool to going viral. Not only our GIFs great for conveying a message, if used effectively they have the potential of being shared with your followers’ network.

3) Brighten up your Messaging.

Using GIFs can help create a fun and informative tone for your message, thus allowing you to stand out from the rest of your competitors. It can  liven up your message across a range of Marketing channels including emails, social media and websites.

4) Attract Attention to your Brand.

Think about how many times you visit a website and animated ad attracts your attention. GIFs can become eye-catching animated ad banners and leaderboards; thus ensuring your brand stands out.

5) Engagement Boosters

GIFs when used correctly can retell a story or is a great way to show emotion about a particular topic. This more often than not will resonate with your audience and will help boost ngagement on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram Stories.

6) The Old Saying…

“Actions speak louder than words”, so why not use this as an advantage over your competitors.

Provided the GIFs used align with your brand’s personality and tone, they can be a very effective tool to use in your Marketing messaging and communication.

So, have a look at your Marketing messaging.

Look at your Social Media, your Instagram Stories, your Business Blogs and even your Email Newsletters. Is there a way you could be factoring GIFs into your communication in a way that will be beneficial to your business and brand?

You never know, you might just have the next viral post because of how you incorporated the use of GIFs into your marketing.


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How a lack of branding distinction gave the wrong company $2.3 billion dollars in free Advertising

Game of Thrones is arguably the most popular show in TV history.

It’s Season 8 premiere saw the #Gameofthrones hashtag used over 4 million times in the space of 48 hours.  It has seen brands such as Spotify, Dominos Pizza and even Sesame Street have jumped on the bandwagon to gain reach and popularity from the HBO show’s success. 

But what happens when your product is mistakenly featured in the popular show and consensus believes it to be your competitors? 

In a recent episode “The Last of the Starks”, a shot of Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke, revealed a cup of takeaway coffee. The beverage held in a craft coffee cup (which has since been edited out) was from a coffee chain in Belfast where the show was filmed. However, many believed the coffee cup was from Starbucks given the shape, colour and similar logo on the cup.

This was a huge win for the Global coffee chain, with the franchise estimated to have earned over $2.3 billion in free advertising from the gaffe.

And whilst this proved beneficial for Starbucks, somewhere there is a Belfast coffee chain that has lost out on $2.3 billion worth of advertising and notoriety because their packaging was not distinctive enough. 

When it comes to product packaging, distinction is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Even if your product is not that different (in this case coffee) something as simple as a bold and easily identifiable logo or more distinctive coffee cup design would have worked to the Belfast business’ advantage.

It’s highly likely that this Belfast business will still gain some sort of attention and publicity but not nearly as close to the $2.3 billion that it’s global competitor has earned to date.

This is something that occurs all too often and it can cost your business and brand considerably. Whilst this situation was the case of a blooper, it’s a possibility that this could easily happen in daily life with the public mistaking your brand for that of your competitor’s.    

So what can you do to make sure this is avoidable? 

Sit back and take a look at your brand. 

Does it have elements of your brand that is easily recognisable should it go viral?

If your brand features product packaging this is a major element to consider. After all, this is the home of your product and one that will help new and regular customers reach for your items on the shelves as opposed to your competitors. 

Without a strong distinct asset, which clearly defines your brand and potentially has similar traits to others within your industry, you are running the risk of driving that customer to their brand instead of yours.  

Remember, recognition combined with loyalty towards your brand is going to result in profit for YOU. The more distinct and unique a brand looks, the more identifiable it is within that industry and the easier to earn loyalty from customers. 

In this case of the non-Starbucks coffee cup, people loyal to the brand instantly thought it was their favourite caffeinated beverage. It gained over 193,000 mentions in 24 hours. But if it’s cup packaging had a design or something that just made it look that little bit different, Starbucks would not have even been considered. 

Packaging isn’t the only time that this can lead to potential clients and customers favouring your competitors.   

This is something which happens all too often in Social Media when posts and images are reposted but there is no real distinct branding to know where the original source has come from. And let’s face it, not everyone will credit the original source.

Is this then potentially brand awareness and publicity that you might be missing out on because your brand assets are not different enough? Consider the following for Social Media to give your brand a distinct identity head start and protect yourself from a mistaken identity shock of “Red Wedding” proportions.

1.    Consider the overall brand and business vision.

2.    Consider a unique colour palette that relates to you or your brand’s personality or identity.

3.    Think beyond trends – this will give longevity with your brand and it’s recognition.

4.    Create your own content and photos and avoid the stock imagery as often as possible.

5.    Find your own voice and tribe and not align with someone else’s.

6.    Create your own quotes

These tips alone don’t make a fully distinct brand identity and you should speak to a branding expert to ensure that you create something that will be unique to your industry yet cohesive across all of your promotional tools and assets. They will also ensure that your branding remains true to the overall vision of your business.

By doing these few steps, talking to a specialist and being aware of its importance you are ensuring that your competitors aren’t reaping the benefits that rightfully belong to you and securing your place on your Iron Throne.